FREE! Membership


FREE Memberships is open to all Groups, Federations, Associations , Schools and Instructors. All benefits apply to affiliated Members only.

Individual School/Instructor memberships does not apply if your existing organisation is a member group or if you were a member of an existing group.


Open ITF International Championships

International Open ITF Championships will be hosted in Various Countries around the World each year. 

Technical Seminars & Open ITF Degree Certificates

OPEN ITF Technical Seminars can be Conducted by Grand Masters around the World. Also the Services of higher Grade Testing/Promotion by Grand Masters.

Wherever the services are required but not compulsory.

FREE Membership.

YES! No Memberships fees.

Membership is Open to all Groups, Associations, Federations, Schools, Dojangs and individual Instructors. (Please note that you cannot  apply for memberships if you are already a member of a group already in membership or if you were in a group that is in membership). We also offer Instructor and member to member cover Insurance if required.