Economical Degree Certification issued by Grandmasters

International ITF OPEN Championships

Grand Masters and Masters Training Seminars


Online Championships Registration

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Competition Registration and Weigh in 9.00am

Sparring, Patterns, Power and Special Tech.,

Sports Connexion, Leamington Road,

Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3FI

Cadets under 12 Years age

CADET Male Coloured Belts

CADET Female Coloured Belts

CADET Male Blackbelts

CADET Female Blackbelts

Juniors 13 - 17 years age

JNR Male Coloured Belts

JNR Female Colured Belts

JNR Male Black Belts

JNR Female Blackbelts

Seniors 18 - 35 Years age

SNR Male Coloured Belts

SNR Female Coloured Belts

SNR Male Blackbelts

SNR Female Blackbelts

VETERANs 36+ Years 

VET Male Coloured Belts

VET Female Coloured Belts

VET Male BlackBelts

VET Female BlackBelts